Thursday, February 24, 2011

MMOMimic-A Scam?

Not really.  Many people think Mimic is a scam.  Although peoples opinions of the bots are totally different, it is a legit bot.  MMOMimic has 3 bots.  These are the main commands usually found in other bots.  They have MMOMIMIC Elite- Leveling Bot.  MMOMIMIC Pvpadvanced-Pvp bot.  Lastly, MMOMIMIC Silverbolt-Farming bot.  Mimic's farming bot, Silverbolt, is by far the most popular of them all.  We will be reviewing pricing, customer service, how hard it is to set up, and the actual content of these bots.


 Mimic's bots are very, very expensive.  For monthly, they are 10 dollars a week EACH.  And thats only for one key.  You have to pay extra to run more than one at once.  You also have to pay for 24 hour trials.  People may find this obserd, but many people abuse free trials and keep making accounts to avoid actually paying for the bot.  You also have many more buying options such as 200 hours access, or yearly, which provides a discount.

Customer Service

I would give customer service for mimic a B.  A very famous botter himself, Hack0si, is who you would usually see helping people.  He has made a whole website dedicated to showing people how to make money off of WoW.  This is found here
How To Make Money Off World Of Warcraft.  In their forums they do have a support section, which is common among many forums.  All in all, there support is fairly good.

The "Set-Up"
The set up for Mimic varies among all of their bots.  Of course, to my bad luck, I only experienced the hardest one, which is Elite.  It was truly hell.  The first part was my fault, because if you have your computer on 125% in your display settings, you won't see the start button at the bottom of the page.  It took me a day to find the problem and change it, so make sure you don't make the same mistake I did.  Silverbolt and Pvp are by far the easiest.  All you have to do is select which herbs or mining nodes to collect(Silverbolt), or select which battlegrounds to que for(Pvp),  which area to farm in (Silverbolt) and your ready to go!  Sadly, its not so easy with Elite.  For Elite,  the interface is terrible.  Since I joined when Cataclysm just came out,  all of the paths were outdated for levels 1-60.  I was then left with no premade paths and no experience making paths.  With a little help from Hackosi,  I managed to put together a simple grinding path.  The paths were just terrible.  With every different zone you went to you had to set up your own repair path, path to buy food and water, resurrection path, etc.  Although, setting up which attacks to use was quite easy.

These bots are pretty decent, getting the job done.  Keep in mind the people who actually make these bots are from china.  But pretty much all bots are made in china, so it isnt an insult.  But there have been rumors of many bans from Mimic.  I have witnessed the posts in Mimic forums and I can confirm this.  So Silverbolt is great, rumor is best farming bot on the market, if your willing to take the risk.  It has great paths and is easy to get going on.  The only thing I do not like it when it goes to farm nodes, it flys right on them, then drops down.  Looks very very bottish in my opinion.  For PVP,  its alright.  Of course it will get you a ton of honor.  I haven't really had an experience with PVP, but I can tell you its a hell of a lot better than AIO's PVP feature which we will be reviewing later in the month hopefully.  For Elite, its awful.  The setup, even the content is terrible.  They do have and automatic whisper responder, but its a little ricky.  So, would any of you find a character running in a circle killing things for 6 hours straight a little weird?  I would, and thats exactly what Mimic Elite does.  They have this neat feature where it follows someone in a dungeon and attacks what they attack, which could be a great feature.  Its just way to risky. 

I would give this bot a 5/10

Here is the Link if you would like to check it outMMOMIMIC Bots


  1. Yes.

    Followed instructions, never left the bot unattended, maximum running time was 30-60 minutes a session per day, was never approached by a player, never ran into obstacles.

    I was banned at level 20. I will be cancelling my subscription.

    I posted this comment on their official forums (AFK Bot), however it was deleted a few hours later.

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